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Automotive air-conditioning condensers often need cleaning

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Automotive air-conditioning condensers often need cleaning

Issue Time:2015-08-01

Condenser problems will affect the cooling effect. In recent days the sun exposure, many car owners have turned on air conditioning. Many owners said that not only the presence of an air conditioning serious odor, and the cooling effect is significantly reduced. Experts pointed out that the emergence of mold and air conditioner condenser results in odor and dust are the main cause of the cooling effect is not good.Often you need to clean the condenser. According to reports, since the spring of humidity, low frequency of use of air conditioning, air conditioning easy to form a mold in the condenser, which results in odor when the open air. Owners can to repair center or disinfected by spraying fungicides. Since the long-term without air conditioning, air conditioning backlog easily lead to a lot of dust on the condenser. Long dusty roads and in car, dust phenomenon is more serious. Dust the condenser cooling effect will directly lead to bad. In addition to the timely replacement air filter. Before the hot weather arrives, the best of the automotive air conditioning conduct a comprehensive sterilization cleaning work, keeping in mind to check the cooling liquid reservoir, radiator if a foreign body, etc., to restore air conditioning cooling effect, over a cool summer.

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