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the reasons of air-conditioning compressor breakdown

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the reasons of air-conditioning compressor breakdown

Issue Time:2015-08-01

Summer car air-conditioning compressor failure is the most annoying thing, how to deal with air-conditioning compressor failure, because automotive air conditioning compressor failure, what does?Since the air-conditioning compressor control circuit plug loosening, resulting in poor contact, so that the voltage supplied to the solenoid coil decrease and the current instability, leading to the air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch engagement may sometimes separated, so long working hours, it will burn out the clutch and electromagnetic coil.Resulting in automotive air conditioning compressor failure may also be due to the electromagnetic clutch gap is generally designed to 0.35-0.50mm, if the clutch gap is less than a predetermined value, while affected by the engine temperature, the air conditioning compressor clutch is installed beside the engine will produce steel thermal expansion resulting in the clutch gap is too small, so that after the closure of air or slipping clutch can not separate, so also easy to burn out solenoids, bearings, clutches and cooling system components.The electromagnetic clutch bearing the rings are made of plastic, if the lack of lubrication bearing, bearing rotating at high speed, it will produce a sharp rise in temperature friction leaving, so easy to burn plastic rings, bearing rotation poor, while also burned solenoid, bearings and clutch.

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