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About automotive air conditioning maintenance knowledge

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About automotive air conditioning maintenance knowledge

Issue Time:2015-06-27

For automotive air conditioning functioning, it must be regularly maintained. This air conditioner to maintain the best cooling effect, extend its life and reduce the amount of maintenance is important. Maintenance related components as follows:   

 1) Regular inspection, cleaning evaporator air filter net, butterfly dish can be removed if the blockage bolts, check the door open evaporator, remove the filter, then wash with warm water with compressed air or a mild detergent and rinse filter opposite. The filter can also be soaked in water with a brush to brush off debris.  

  2) Regular inspection and rinse the condenser, radiator and subcooler, if blocked, blowing with compressed air or rinse with pressure water.    

3) Always check the tightness of the ministries of the belt, plus 10 kg of load on the belt, the deflection should be between 11 to 12 mm, or should be adjusted.   

 4) the timing of maintenance blowers. With particular attention to whether the lack of oil bearing.   

 5) Always check the adequacy of the refrigerant. Low speed air conditioning, as seen from the observation window air bubbles appear, if the bubble. Description refrigerant shortage    

6) should always check the Vice engine-driven air conditioning cooling water and the oil level. If the deficiency should be added to the specified value.    

7) Do not pay attention to damp circuit portion. When no air conditioning, it should be about once a week starting in winter in order to avoid seal gasket and metal adhesion, or when the summer re-use will pull the bad, causing refrigerant leakage.   

 8) Check the coupling bolts and loose connections, the transmission mechanism is working properly.