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some precautions in using auto air conditioning in summer

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some precautions in using auto air conditioning in summer

Issue Time:2015-06-27

Summer is hot and rainy season, but also automotive air conditioning much help when. Especially private cars, air-conditioning in summer is inseparable.    Automotive air-conditioning with manual adjustment and automatic adjustment two kinds. The former air-conditioning control panel with a temperature adjustment knob is actually a variable resistor, and temperature sensing resistor installed in the evaporator composed of a series circuit, this group of circuit resistance will change when the temperature changes, so as to engage or disengage the compressor electromagnetic clutch. For example, when the evaporator temperature falls to a specified low, this group of the circuit will be separated from the electromagnetic clutch of the compressor, the compressor stops working. When the temperature rise time and join the clutch of the compressor resume operation.    微笑

This manual adjustment of air conditioning only in accordance with the selected mode of operation within a certain range, not random according to the temperature inside the ambient air quality regulation. 吐舌头   

You do not need to manually adjust the automatic air conditioning, automatic control of the circulating air and the temperature inside, keep the air quality inside the car when the outside air quality changes. The system can automatically control the temperature, wind speed and air flow mode. As long as the pre-set temperature, and wind speed and air flow mode is set to "AUTO" (auto) mode, the system will automatically select the location of the outlet and wind speed, and at any time to make adjustments according to changes in the environment.   微笑

 Air-conditioning refrigeration and air main function is the function, which is common sense. Also features air conditioning as well as defogging. In the rainy season the road, in front windshield prone to fog a content of water gas composition, because mist generated in the case of the car all doors and windows are closed, when the inside temperature is higher than the temperature of the glass outside, the water vapor will glass inner condenses into a white mist. Severe fog obscured the driver's line of sight, holding a towel on the glass kept wiping also really troublesome, very convenient. Then simply press the A / C switch to start air conditioning, then start the fan, press the defogging switch, the air outlet steering windshield, mist attached to the windshield will soon disappear. In addition, the air conditioning control panel has several buttons are used to change the air flow direction, you can select the upper body or foot blows. There is also a "cycle" button, press this button compartment air only for internal circulation, all the doors and windows closed when the air conditioning cooling efficiency will not suffer, you can save energy. Over time, however, the air inside will be more turbid, not only hypoxia and unsanitary, so not a long time or stop state suitable for "loop" function.   微笑

 Clean air conditioning cooling effect is good or bad and condenser fins related. Always remove dust from the condenser fins on, you can borrow at a wind blowing compressed air maintenance condenser. In addition, the evaporator is directly facing the car hair, the cleanliness of its intake is directly related to the occupant's health. Pay attention to time to replace the air filter, air filter inlet air conditioning filters, usually installed in the position of the engine compartment near the windshield under. If a long time without replacing the air filter, dust adsorption of the above will be more and more, and there may be air conditioning fan inlet compartment, affect the health of occupants.    Cars, air-conditioning effect is generally more than 1.3 liters displacement basically possible, but some one liter or 1 liter minicar, because of the small engine power caused by the air conditioning effect is not ideal, and even air conditioning going and water boiling occurs phenomenon, especially in the hot summer day. Therefore, use of air conditioning in the summer thing to note are the following:    

First, if the engine due to increased air conditioning load cause the water temperature is too high, to suspend use of air conditioning, until the water temperature is normal.   微笑

 Second, when you want to avoid parking in idle condition to use air conditioning in the summer high temperature for a long time, because the air conditioning can not be effectively cooling systems susceptible to high temperature and pressure loss of the ring. Parking open air for long life safety crew is also a threat, because car exhaust fumes may be inhaled carriage poisoning people. 微笑  

 Third, when the vehicle is parked in the open air inside cause a high temperature, which should open the door to let hot air escape, and turn on the air to disperse the heat. Then close the doors and windows, in order to improve efficiency.微笑