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How does an AC compressor clutch work?

How does an AC compressor clutch work?

Issue Time:2020-05-18

Compressor clutches are sometimes referred to as a magnetic clutch because they operate like an electro-magnet. The clutch has three components.

• The clutch body/pulley is rotated by the drive AC compressor clutch componentsbelt when the engine is running and rotates around a pulley bearing.

• The compressor clutch coil is simply a large coil of copper wire. When the driver requests AC, the system provides power to the clutch coil, thereby generating a magnetic field.

• The clutch plate connects to the AC compressor shaft and drives the compressor when it mates against the clutch body

When the clutch coil receives power and generates a magnetic field, it pulls a portion of the clutch plate against the clutch body/pulley, causing it to rotate the compressor shaft.