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What Should I Do If AC Compressor Clutch Is Not Engaging?

What Should I Do If AC Compressor Clutch Is Not Engaging?

Issue Time:2020-05-15

Imagine, you’ve got a car and it all works so fine. However, when you turn on the air conditioner it only blows warm air. What could be the problem? If all of a sudden, the AC compressor clutch stops working and doesn’t engage, this could be the reason your AC isn't functioning properly. 

The compressor could have a serious issue or a small one. If the compressor clutch doesn’t engage; that usually means there's an electrical or mechanical problem with the compressor.

If the AC is not blowing cool air into the car, you may want to do a visual inspection of the AC compressor clutch, and determine if you can see what might be causing the clutch to not engage. 

Even if you just filled up the AC system with refrigerant, if the AC compressor can't operate correctly you'll get warm air. You may decide to check the engine coolant and the engine oil as well to rule out other issues, but the clutch if the component that must function in order for the AC to work.  

We'll talk about the possible problems and solutions for a compressor clutch that is not engaging. It could be anything from an obstruction in the refrigerant circuit to a loose wire. Lets make sure your AC is working well, and get started.