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International Auto Parts GuangZhou Ltd teach you how to maintain your air conditioning compressor

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International Auto Parts GuangZhou Ltd teach you how to maintain your air conditioning compressor

Issue Time:2015-08-01

  Automotive air conditioning systems are often ignored by most owners and maintenance. In general, the automotive air conditioning system to work about five years will gradually aging, decrease cooling efficiency, the wind is not strong. Manufacturers and 4S shop owners often organize testing of automotive air conditioning and maintenance work. But if you want to do it yourself, then do some maintenance work, the market some auto air conditioning repair (maintenance) additive is your good helper.Working principle:These additives can enhance the automotive air-conditioning compressor seal, reduce wear, reduce noise, improve the efficiency of the compressor, air conditioning helps significantly reduce friction and increase internal sealing, enhanced cooling effect of the air conditioning and automotive internal functional parts to play high working efficiency, and in order to achieve the goal to extend the life of automobile air-conditioning.Automotive supplies market also priced at about $ 400 air conditioning system additive package, this product by the owners themselves will be able to process a series of automotive air-conditioning maintenance, cleaning and strengthening refrigeration.

Main effects:

1. Add a repair agent, can reduce the air conditioning vent temperature 2 ~ 5 ℃, improve the air conditioning cooling effect;

2. Reduce the air conditioning compressor friction, reduce compressor load 15 to 23%; reduce wear and extend the service life of air conditioning two times;

3. Elimination of wear of the compressor different sound;

4. 10% fuel savings and lower cost of car use.

international auto parts guangzhou ltd Tip:

Some owners will add Freon refrigerant in the car, when the hot summer days, too much Freon refrigerant will cause high pressure gauge, the engine will emit the same thunderous shock, sometimes boil phenomenon occurs. Maintenance of the master said that this is mainly because the smaller engine power and some aging equipment. Opens the air conditioning, the air conditioning compressor driven by the engine can not be overloaded; if it continues to use forced air conditioners, automobiles loss will increase, the worst case, could cause the car ignition. He therefore suggested that the case should be appropriate to use such a case related automotive air conditioning additives

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