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Expansion Valve for BMW E90


Expansion Valve for BMW E90

Expansion Valve for BMW E90
CategoriesBMW/ Mini Expansion Valve
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BrandINTL Auto Air Conditioning Compressor
Sizepacking : 25*20*15
TypeExpansive valve
Car Makefor BMW E90
Quality1 grade
Guarantee1 year
Car Modelfor BMW E90
FOB porthuangpu
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal
Update Time2018-12-14
Detail Information

Download the description details at the PDF:INTL-EH064INTL-EH064




 Model No.: INTL-EH064

Car Model:  BMW E90

USED for:

Expansion Valve for BMW E90 CAR




The TXV meters the amount of liquid refrigerant that can flow into the evaporator. Located at the evaporator inlet, the TXV is the dividing point between the high and the low pressure sides of the A/C system. As the refrigerant passes through the TXV, the refrigerant pressure is lowered. Due to the pressure differential, the liquid refrigerant will begin to boil at the TXV outlet before entering the evaporator core. This characteristic is observed as a drop in temperature between the TXV inlet tube and the evaporator inlet tube.


Before replacing TXVs, always follow the A/C Performance Diagnostic in the Service Information to verify the valve performance and review the following diagnostic tips.



A/C Not Operative or Intermittent Possible Causes:


1, Bulb Sensor -

Temperatures on inlet and outlet tubes:

Are the temperatures on both sides (inlet and outlet tubes) of the evaporator thermal expansion valve tube at the expansion device similar? If yes, replace the damaged or faulty thermal expansion valve.


Are both the low side and high side pressures within the specified values? Refer to the appropriate HVAC zone diagnostic. 


2, Incorrect refrigerant charge -

Diagnose and repair potential leak and/or fill A/C system with correct charge.


3, Leaking interfaces (Incorrect fastening at TXV or seal damage) -

Apply correct torque or replace seals if necessary.


4, System contamination -

Is the liquid line extremely cold at the expansion device location and warm beyond the expansion device location? The expansion device is restricted. Inspect for contamination (brown, powdery residue or metal flake) and replace TXV.


Noise Possible Causes:


1, Leaking interfaces (Incorrect fastening at TXV) -

Fill system with correct charge.


2, Incorrect refrigerant charge -

Fill system with correct charge.


3, Non-optimized TXV/evaporator/plumbing -

Verify if noise is being produced by the TXV or other A/C system components.


TIP: Do not replace the TXV until you verify all previous steps and you can eliminate all other failure modes.

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